"Jogging in Spring"  by Joanne E Galliher, a 300-word flash fiction igniting all six senses as a woman goes jogging. Published in Flash Fiction Magazine, 2020

"The Potoroos' Second Chance,"
 by Joanne E. Galliher is a whimsical story about these Potoroos -  Barry, Matilda and the others, as they encounter  a kind-hearted Aboriginal  and others.  It is 4300 words.  Published in Cyclamens and Swords Literary Magazine, 2014

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"A New Way of Living - ANWOL,by Joanne E Galliher-- What if there weren't any credit cards in our world? Published in  ​Cyclamens and Swords Literary Magazine, 2014.

"Rowan and His Mate Joey," by Joanne E Galliher, a 2000-word fiction inspired by Joanne's true story... When at 58 to 60, she was a cowgirl *Jillaroo, on her mate, Rowan's 66,000-acre cattle station in Outback Australia. Published in Better Read Than Dead Writers' Anthology​,  2021

"We Dare to Win," by Joanne E Galliher, 2 1.990-word dystopian fiction  about what if Antarctica thaws??!!  In vocalmedia.com​, June 2021

Her lovely niece Kelly Phillips created the cover.

Joanne's writer's platform is growing!  Between 2013 and 2021, five  of her fictional short stories have been published!!