"Jogging in Spring"  by Joanne E Galliher, a 300-word flash fiction igniting all six senses as a woman goes jogging. Published in Flash Fiction Magazine, 2020

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"Rowan and His Mate Joey," by Joanne E Galliher, a 2000-word fiction inspired by Joanne's true story... When at 58 to 60, she was a cowgirl *Jillaroo, on her mate, Rowan's 66,000-acre cattle station in Outback Australia. Published in Better Read Than Dead Writers' Anthology​,  2021

"We Dare to Win," by Joanne E Galliher, 2 1.990-word dystopian fiction  about what if Antarctica thaws??!!  In vocalmedia.com​, June 2021

Her lovely niece Kelly Phillips created the cover.

Joanne's writer's platform is growing!  Between 2013 and 2021, five  of her fictional short stories have been published!!

"The Potoroos' Second Chance,"
 by Joanne E. Galliher is a whimsical story about these Potoroos -  Barry, Matilda and the others, as they encounter  a kind-hearted Aboriginal  and others.  It is 4300 words.  Published in Cyclamens and Swords Literary Magazine, 2014

"A New Way of Living - ANWOL,by Joanne E Galliher-- What if there weren't any credit cards in our world? Published in  ​Cyclamens and Swords Literary Magazine, 2014.