The Potoroos' Second Chance
 by Joanne E. Galliher is a whimsical story about these Potoroos -  Barry, Matilda and the others, as they encounter  a kind-hearted Aboriginal  and others.  It is 4300 words.  Have-a-read-of-it.  It's in Joanne's e-PDF generated CARING FOR OUR WORLD LITERARY MAGAZINE. Aug 2014

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​A New Way of Living - ANWOL, by Joanne E Galliher-- What if there weren't any credit cards in our world?  Published in 2013 in ​Cyclamens & Swords Literary Magazine. 

Joanne has this included in her e-PDF generated magazine , CARING FOR OUR WORLD LITERARY MAGAZINE.

Joanne's writer's platform is growing. Two of her fictional short stories have been published; one in 2012 and the other in Aug 2014 in Cyclamens & Swords Literary Magazine.