I'm   An  Eagle.   Watch  Me   Soar, a fictional book inspired by a true story, By   Joanne  E  Galliher  is under construction.  Should be available in early 2022!

​Maggie’s Eur-Asian parents’ PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorders) were not genetic, hereditary or contagious. But starting at just five, Maggie’s insatiable curiosity and illimitable compassion steered her right into Secondary PTSD. Then, a piling-up of her own traumas and trials, put her on her personal PTSD collision course. A few of the ‘trauma culprits’ include but are not limited to--a dysfunctional childhood, racism, rape, bullying, mentally/emotionally/physically abusive relationships, near-death encounters, grief and community care-oriented career burn-out. After extensive CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) and psychotherapy that spilled into psychodynamic therapy… At 60, Maggie discovers from within her own mind, what she dubs ‘AN’ or ‘Attitude Navigating.’ Eureka! Even now at 67, her AN, in a split second, pulls her off that horrible ‘highway’ or ‘collision course’ of PTSD!  At last, she, not PTSD, is in the driver’s seat of her life! Every day she’s in her world of irrepressible peace, calm, happiness and productivity. Every night is filled with sublime dreams vs nightmares. Yes, SHE TAMES her PTSD. Maggie, not PTSD, holds the reigns on her life.    


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