What an honor for Joanne when she was selected as a Presenter at Speech Pathology Australia - National Conference, 1990.

She presented her 4-hour workshop entitled, Developing Age/Social Interest Appropriate Assessment and Therapy for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities.

Here are just some of Joanne's Guest Speaker Presentations.

​*All of Joanne's workshops are very hands-on with her aim being to facilitate ideas.

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​Joanne's Other Guest Speaking Presentations -

For teachers and parents -

Learning Can Be Gains -- Not Pains  How to empower kids with a love of learning.

What Are the Life Skills Taught When Kids Do Homework?  Stop the harping!  Stop doing the homework for your kids!  There are lots of so ordinary and simple ways to do that.

Natural Ways To Reduce/Cease a Child's Stuttering 

Give Your Preschoolers Great Beginnings Before  Kindergarten  No need to buy expensive toys/games.  There are so many educational 'tools' around your house.

Preschool Teachers Can Get Heaps of Mileage Out of Their Center's Toys  No need to go broke.  Try Joanne's  'Toy/Game Inventory.'  For instance, blocks can be used to build auditory/visual attention, memory and prepositional usage, etc.

For Nursing Staff -

Helping Post CVA Patients Re-develop Safe Swallowing  

How  Hospital Staff Can Help Patients Regain Speech 

Cultural Groups -

A Memorial for the Brave Refugees, Soldiers and Guerrilla Fighters in the Philippines, During WWII