Joanne has been a running fiend since her double lung transplant April 9 2017.

Here she was April 9th 2022, at age 70--after doing her 6th half marathon run (21 km or about 13 miles) since 2019. Yep, she did it to  thank  her compassionate Donor and the Donor's so kind family for giving her A Second Chance at Life!

"I kinda-sorta feel like  I​'m zipping along as fast as Forest Gump... Ha ha ha! I am so thankful that I outlived that horrible prognosis, Nov 13 2013--that there was only a 20% chance I'd still be alive in a year. So grateful I lasted 1,187 days  (3-1/2 years)  so I could get  these amazing and powerful lungs. Their Lung Function Tests always register 118% to 121%."