‚ÄčOur first  one was GREAT!  What a surprise and treat when our Central Highlands Council Mayor joined in on the fun as Ms Claus!!  And with a CD player blasting with 1960s and 1980s tunes of COURSE we were up dancing and singing ... as well as walking and swinging!

On the day of this event... between 9am to 3pm, you have  4 ways to make your donation.  Just choose which ways.  1.  You can pledge $1 per hour that Joey & John walk/swing OR 2. Buy Joey's not-for-profit true short story about her terminal illness to her Second chance at life... for a $5 donation -- hard copies only available on the day.  Electronic copy or PDF available via you emailing Joey and your donation will be $3. OR  3.  Participate in the 'Blow Hard Contest' -- for every balloon people blow up in 30 minutes, a club or group or Council will donate $2 OR  for a donation of $4 your child can make a couple of beautiful butterflies.

Hey, any group --- Council, school, Church, etc. can host a "Joey & John Walk & Swing 9 to 3 Fundraiser Day!!"

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Please feel free to contact Joey - Joanne via this website if you want to receive an e-copy of WITH EVERY BREATH... all proceeds go to Tasmania Lung Foundation.   And, if you want to host this event... Yes!  Contact Joey - Joanne via this website.

In the future, Joey & John plan to do this campaign a lot!  May even turn into "Joey & John Rock & Walk 9 to 3" setting up at outdoor weekend markets using portable treadmill and a rocking chair!  LOL