​I AM HUMBLY SO TICKLED-PINK with my first Reader's Review for my short story I've entered into The Best Australian Yarn Short Story Competition--entitled "Jack's Secret," which I shared on Facebook too. Winners will be notified Nov to Dec 2022.

Here is that Reader's Review:

"BEAUTIFUL, HEARTY, WONDERFULLY WRITTEN STORY! I especially adore the closing line, which seems to wrap up the piece and bring it full circle. The descriptions of the characters are exquisite, as well as how the passing of time is described, the dialogue, and the apparent mixing of different types of writing in the story ("[A lingering sigh]"). The beginning has me especially amazed. Character introduction right off the bat, as well as words that stick. Rich with life lessons, I can say that this is bound to be a winner!" It is from C.C in New York USA!! May 31 2022, after reading its manuscript.