A Flash Fiction of 270 words

Jogging in Spring

by Joanne E Galliher

Kate always starts her morning jog at the fence buried in Honeysuckle. She swears its sugary-caramel scent makes her run her hardest. Yep, it does the trick. Off she sprints as fleet footed as Forrest Gump. As she zips past the dainty Marigolds, she hears their tiny cheer, “Go Kate!”           

Nothing can stop her! Not even the blustering wind lashing her face. She is going for The Gold! The wind whirls through the towering Myrtle Trees. Their jostling creates a crimson flashing neon sign: “You’re doing Great!”

The countless white cockatoos squawk their cheers. 

Kate grins as she eyes the fluffy Button Grass. They’re rabbits! I’ll hop like a rabbit! She can’t help but laugh as her strides stretch so long.

Her heart pounds outside her chest. She sees The Finish, the roaring river. She smiles at the tall Race Officials, the staunch and stern Poplar Trees. They don’t so much as twitch. Its them who’ll decide if Kate takes The Gold. 

She ploughs into the shallow of the river! The crowds go wild! Kookaburras laughing! Cockatoos squawking!  River roaring!

Kate beats her time!

Just to show those Officials she is a champion, she runs a few more minutes.  

She reaches a quiet spot. Not even a slight breeze in the Birch Trees. No boisterous birds. Just two ducks and their six ducklings, gliding on the glassy pond. Their long, drawn out quacks acclaim, “Kate, you’ve won a race against yourself. Well done. Bet you do it again, tomorrow.”

Panting with a grin ear-to-ear, Kate pats her two prosthetic legs. And whispers, “We won again. Thanks to you!”

The End


Some Readers' Reviews:

As always amazing writing-- C. Argyle

if I had a million dollars, I’d give it to you. Just ‘cause of the enjoyment of reading about Kate’s jog through the spring. Thank you for making me happy-- R. Nano 

That was great-- R. Hernandez 

Fantastic-- M. Dattke 

I had a feeling the ending would be a swift (but in this case a wonderful) kick in the heart!!! Outstanding, Joanne-- B .Harrison 

WOW, you really have a gift my dear, fantastic story loved it-- P. Hamilton Fletcher 

Love how you made everything around her come alive. Love the ending! Great writing and story-- K. Fain