Then, since 2012, gloriously lush and serene Tasmania, Australia  (AKA "Last of the Frontiers") has been her home/writer's office... living in a lovely historic town of 300 people.

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Writing everyday is like a picnic, party and celebration rolled into one, to Joanne. 


You will love the many  enchanting, entertaining and enlightening quick-to-read short stories. They take from 3 to 60 minutes to read.

So far, since 2013, five of Joanne's short stories have been selected & published in creative writing  journals and annual anthologies.

*Coming very soon:

Joanne's hope-inspiring short story about her experience as a speech pathologist for children with profound cerebral palsy. She and a team of teachers, an occupational therapist and a physical therapist brought parents to joyful tears as they watched their child move and communicate unaided. The team wrote and produced the play, for the children-- "Santa Lost in Space." *Hopefully, you'll help her create a great title for this short story.

So enthralled with the big, wide open space of the Outback, she didn't mind the extremely basic makeshift bathroom...

Then, Joanne enjoyed the peace of no-man's land--Outback Australia.  Really had fun sharing her short stories, for free, with the warm and welcoming Outback  cattle station owners.  And truly embraced another chance at simple living--in a vintage 1960's caravan for two years, on the corner of a friend's Outback property.

Joanne's stories are

free-flowing with imagination because she always writes in very peaceful surroundings. 

First was her Australian 25-acres of Australian rainforest home.  Then there was  no-man's land--Outback Australia. And currently, in lush and ever so serene Tasmania Australia.