​You will love this magazine if you're a passionate environmentalist.   Instead of droning-on like some  'How To' article, Joanne embeds lots of her 'save the planet' kind of short stories with  very feasible ecological ideas.  

A quote that motivated Joanne to create this literary magazine -" Only after the last tree has been cut down, Only after the last river has been poisoned, Only after the last fish has been caught, Only then will you find money cannot be eaten."

~ Cree Prophecy

The Short Stories (varying from 3000 - 8000 words):

*A New Way of Living (ANWOL) - What if all credit cards are banned?

*The Potoroos' Second Chance - A truly whimsical and 'feel good  fictional story' about some endangered Potoroos.  The stuff Barry and Matilda (two Potoroos) get up to is just delightful. 

*We Are Home Again - Imagine if in 2018, at 65 years old, a Cherokee couple and an Aboriginal couple leave their urban life styles and upsize to living on 80 acres  that border and spill in one of the world's oldest rainforests?

The Prose:
*Home is Living on the Land

*Mother Mist


Joanne loves learning new simple ways that she (and anyone) can be taking care of our world in terms of ecology and conservation. Send your ideas via Contact Joanne page.   Imagine your ideas woven into one of Joanne's  short stories.

Hey!  Here's a great idea!  Why not get your own 'feel good' short story included in Joanne's magazine?  Start chatting with her about that using  Contact Joanne Page.

Please ask Joanne for your free copy of any of her short stories and novellas!!  Just go to CONTACT in this website.  And, when you scroll this page you will see her e-/PDF magazines.  But FIRST... take in the vista views that Joanne had from her writer's desk while living in Buckland Tasmania in 2012-2013.  No wonder she dove into novella, short story and essay writing.

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​You will love this magazine if you love feeling happiness that takes you  higher than Cloud 9.

An excerpt from my self-published trilogy novel, EAGLES OF THE RAINBOW:  An Awesome Hybrid, Volume 1 -  A young Cherokee girl's 'morning salutation.'

The Short Stories (3,000 to 6,000 words):
*Charlie & Maggie 'Down Under'  -  A note on a pub's window and a sudden storm bring these two together.  They are, as Aussie's say, 'Chalk and cheese,' or the most unlikely to team up.  If you love stories about the Outback and cattle ranching, you'll love this story, which is inspired by true stories.
*When Life is Still -  A lovely story about a couple who have been married forever.   But, one of them  is M.I.A due to a disease that leaves him  awake  while appearing  asleep.

One Prose:
*Born Every Morning