Joanne at 52, with her writing pal, Shiloh... the whole trilogy was written in their 25-acre Aussie rainforest haven... totally so peaceful living off grid (no electricity/plumbing)  the first 3 years...

Joanne is published--

In Cyclamens & Swords Literary Magazine

" "ANOL- A New Way of Living (fictional short story about a world without credit cards), 2013

"The Potoroos Second Chance" (fictional short story about when there’s just 40 Potoroos left), 2014

In Flash Fiction Literary Magazine

"Jogging in Spring" (a flash fiction short story—300 words), March 2020

In  Better Read Than Dead Writer's Anthology

"Rowan and His Mate Joey" (fictional short story inspired by Joanne's two years as a cowgirl or 'Jillaroo', in Australia), Jan., 2021


In online library of e-books

Our Souls Will Always Love—48,000-word fictional Romance book, Sept. 2020

Eagles of the Rainbow Forever—165,000-word fictional Drama novel, Jan. 2021

In online library of e-books

"We Dare to Win"--1,990-word dystopian fictional short story--What happens when Antarctica thaws, June 2021

It must pay to be part Irish.   To date, Joanne's writing has been blessed Australian and USA multi-media coverage -- five newspaper articles, one live radio interview & mentioned on CBS Evening News USA... all resulted from her quirky Media Release. *Scroll to Menu to see where you can find her multi-media coverage.

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How Joanne Galliher envisions the world is always the underlying theme of 90% of her short stories, novellas and novels. "Humanity is like a huge clipper ship. Those aboard are of every race and creed. They must truly work as a mighty Unity in Diversity Team  to dash through... to survive... the Tsunami  caused by all forms of prejudices--racial, religious, age, gender and socio-economic.  Reading is our chance to recreate... and RE-CREATE our views... Views that can hinder or can advance our world.  A famous religious man once said, "Make us waves of one sea... Make us flowers of one garden... Make us leaves of one tree..."

Students at Queensland Institute of Graphic Art, in Australia, were paid to design the book covers.

Joanne Galliher at 62... And now, at 69.

Joanne in the NEWS!!