How Joanne sees the world. "I see Humanity as a magnificent clipper ship named Unity in Diversity.  It proudly has as its unfurled flags red, black, brown and white.  In its hull are the world’s medical, educational, ecological, economical and world peace projects. The multi-national crew cannot work on such essential social issues if Humanity is buffeted by social Tsunamis – racial, religious, age, gender and socio-economic prejudices.  The tides must calm.  The waves must roll in synchrony. 
That synchrony is created by unconditional love, loyalty, respect and sharing.  That synchrony is begun when we mesh instead of clash.  My tales take the reader down a path where cultures mesh instead of down, that old and much too trodden track of cultures clashing.  Reading.  What a fantastic form of recreation.  What a fantastic way to be re-created or re-mused.   A tantalizing tale can make our minds, hearts and souls do somersaults.  A tale can take our established views through twists and turns that validate, cancel, challenge or extend our views.  No wonder storytelling goes back to the beginning of time.

Joanne's self-published!  Her paperback  trilogy novel is a multi-cultural family saga, entitled: EAGLES OF THE RAINBOW: An Awesome Hybrid Volume One & Volume Two and they are available  by contacting Joanne.  Go to this website's CONTACT.  This trilogy's Volume Three will also be available in paperback book in late 2020.  Its manuscript is in final edited copy. 

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Joanne's published!  ... in Cyclamens and Swords Literary Magazine.

​ANOL - A New Way of Living (Aug. 2013) - short story

"Imagine our world without credit cards."

The Potoroos' Second Chance (Aug. 2014) - short story 

"Saving the world's last 40 Potoroos."

Joanne in the NEWS!!

It must pay to be part Irish.   To date, Joanne's writing has been blessed Australian and USA multi-media coverage -- five newspaper articles, one live radio interview & mentioned on CBS Evening News USA... all resulted from her quirky Media Release. 

Joanne Galliher has written short stories, novellas, novels, prose and essays.  She has also created a DVD to help bilingual-speakers speak clearer English!

AKA   Joey    or    First  Light

Students at Queensland Institute of Graphic Art, in Australia, were paid to design the book covers.