​Come if you love epic fictional tales, inspired by Joanne's ancestors and by their 19th century history. The novel fills with  adventures, customs, ceremonies, romances, communing with Nature and much more... of 19th Century Cherokees, Irish immigrants and European pioneers. It bends many genres. If you were enthralled with Outlander, Dances with Wolves or Roots...  ​You will be spellbound by this novel.

Joanne is a very proud product of east-meets-west --She is Cherokee, Irish, German and Filipina.

​​​Tasmanian writer, Joanne Galliher is Cherokee, Irish, German and Filipina. Story By Moonlight is a free event with gifts for the guests. Joanne passionately reads excerpts from her trilogy novel, with much gusto and refreshments are served. Playing Cherokee and Irish music breaks up the 90 mins of her Reading. 

Story By Moonlight begins in Bothwell Tasmania and hopes many Tasmanians will host it at their clubs, libraries and homes.

Can't make it? Too far? How about hosting one in your backyard? This invitation is extended to my Tasmanian neighbors! Just use this website contact page.

​Story   By   Moonlight -- Joanne  shares  her   epic  saga  novel in 2020!! * Come celebrate Joanne's newly edited/revised... 'polished' version of her novel!

The first Story By Moonlight is Saturday, February 29, 2020

8 to 9.30pm. It will be at Queen's Park, Patrick Street  in Bothwell Tasmania, Australia. If it rains, the session moves to Bothwell's CWA Hall on Alexander Street.

Bring your own chair and just in case... Bug repellent will be available. Guests must pre-book by Feb. 20 by phoning Joanne at 0467003452

Everyone who attends this 1st  SBM receives an  e-copy  (electronic book)  FOR FREE... And Joanne will help you apply the free e-book reading app to your mobile phone or tablet.  There'll be a Lucky dip and the winners receive a CD of Cherokee & Irish music.