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​​​How Joanne struggled, survived and celebrated after 1,187 days spent dying (2013 - 2017). Some Reviews of WITH EVERY BREATH, a 12,000-word non-fictional short story by Joanne E Galliher. If you'd like a free copy, just let her know via her website contact page.  

Review of With Every Breath
I had not read a book in 6 years due to a concentration issue, but previous to that was a huge reader from a child.. HOWEVER I was given the opportunity to read Joanne’s Latest short story With Every Breath. This was a story that I could not put down, it was a journey for me also following the lung transplant recipient. I was so moved at the courage of this woman and the emended struggles she endured. Her daughters reaction to seeing her precious mum so ill and fragile to when she was well again. I would have to say one of if not the best short stories I have read. For me a story or a book needs to involve the reader and this short story does that beautifully. A fantastically written and wonderful short story .....Congratulations Joanne Galliher.  From Z. Tapply, July 5, 2018

Absolutely incredible story! I was in tears and prayers by the end of reading your account . Your optimism throughout your ordeal truly masked the reality of all you were experiencing. I wish could have been there physically to help you through it all. My goodness you were able to describe what was a nightmare existence that few could even fathom having the strength to endure. God has blessed so many and will continue to use your magnificent gifts. You are using your “rebirth “ with gratitude, grace, and undeniable direction guided from above! Your family is surely applauding you and you are an earth-bound angel! God bless your indomitable spirit Joey! Thank you for sharing your precious story with me and the rest of the world. That’s a mile in your shoes few of us could ever walk let alone imagine the courage that it took!
A Review by Jonna, July 3, 2018