“Joanne, you are an awesome writer! I'm halfway through the
book and I am totally mind-blown! Really...! I can't wait to finish
it. If the rest is as good as the 250 pages I've read so far, I can
see it as a major motion picture in a Dances with Wolves sort of epic
way. Thank you very much and thanks for blowing my
mind with this incredible story!” – H, Tellez, Feb. 3, 2012, USA.

Readers' Reviews of


Volume One,  Volume Two & Volume Three.

*Some are from Amazon.com  where the the first two volumes of my trilogy are available  and   some  were   emailed  to   me.

“The book is great...I have been drawn into the lives of these characters and have enjoyed experiencing the ups and downs...more so...the pictures you are able to paint with your words...My imagination seems to know just what to show my inner eye after I read a passage from the book...I find that there is a plethora of tears being shed for every reason under the sun...overall a good read!
The book's message, illustrated over and over again, demonstrates the benefits of shedding one's prejudices and accepting people for who they are and what they bring to your own "place of peace". The vitriol evident in every facet of today’s society...the "us and them" definitions cry out for a message exactly contained and illustrated in this book...I hope all who read it take away a little more tolerance and acceptance for all their fellow human beings... Bravo

Mz Galliher!” – J. Cancelmo, Jan. 28, 2012, USA

“Volume 1, Eagles of the Rainbow: An Awesome Hybrid, A colorful heritage: Cherokee-Irish-German-Filipino-American...Truly a magnificent and inspirational novel. This reader literally melted into each page, each scene; the smells, the crispness of morning dew, the awe of dawn and dusk, all the while experiencing such an array of powerful emotions so carefully telling Joanne's story, but moreover, underscoring the main theme for the unity of mankind (two-leggeds). Anger, sorrow, love, passion, suffering, and even hatred were genuinely felt throughout this novels journey, along with great reverence for the Great Spirit, God, Mother Earth, Animal Medicine, Thunder, and Family. This novel is truly a wonderful and passionate work of art, and dedication to Joanne and her family's heritage and beyond question, well worth the journey.” –

F. Obrien, Jan. 23, 2012, USA.

“This book has been beautifully written and has captured me right from the beginning. I find it difficult to be enthralled by some books, but this novel has captured my senses, heart and soul. What a wonderful novel and I would recommend this to anyone who likes reading. What an author in the way she has captured the ability to visualize the story...made me feel part of the book - this does not often happen when I read novels, but has truly happened here. All I can say is AMAZING WRITING. My copy of this book will be treasured always and re read many times I am sure. Eagles of The Rainbow: An Awesome Hybrid takes pride of place on my bookshelf and have recommended it to my friends. Bring on more books like this. JUST AMAZING!’ – Z. Tapply, Aug. 13, 2012, Australia.

“Very creative in its narration, beautifully written. Joanne has a real way of putting into words, truth, sorrow, happiness, and Love. Ultimately it is a story of family, Love, and loyalty, with a strong sense of Place and time. It is moving and a credible story. Kudos to you Joanne. A great read.” – P. Fletcher, August 14, 2012, USA.

“Captivating”  “Excellent dialogue”  “so vivid”   “Unique twist about all forms of prejudices”  “never read a book that moved me this much”  “So very touching, heart-wrenching and gripping”  “Truly makes me think about prejudice, war and peace and makes me sit back and examine my own conscience”   “Many brainwashed attitudes and beliefs are redefined”  “Truly shows awakening of basic humanitarian spiritual and moral issues”  “Prejudice is re-examined in a very unique way”, from the Currumbin Book Club after I did a 2-hour reading of excerpts from the novel’s original manuscript, Dec. 10, 2003, Australia.

“I’ve never read a book that really makes me see the scenes and characters as vividly as Joanne’s EAGLES OF THE RAINBOW:  An Awesome Hybrid Volume One does… Reading it is almost like watching it as a movie!”
B. Kingston, June 1, 2016, Australia.

“I hate re-runs on TV.  But, let me tell you.  I will definitely read your Eagles of the Rainbow An Awesome Hybrid over-and-over again.  I just know I will find more and more treasures of lessons each time.  Your novel makes me want to get off my duff and do kind things.  Thank you.  I’m 70 and I need a boot up the bum.” – D. Greenbank, Nov. 3, 2009, Australia

“Just finished your novel’s volume one.  I’m not kidding!  I couldn’t put it down.  It’s fantastic!  Did more than keep my interest.” – Oct. 10, 2007, Australia.

“What a story!  What a mind you must have to encompass such a broad spectrum of subjects in one book is really amazing.  All my senses are awakened.  You may have gathered that I have finished reading your book (in 2 nights) and I will read again soon.  This is a story that people, young or old, regardless of race or gender should read.” R. Toohey, July 5, 2005, Australia *A cattle rancher who read 1st Edition copy.

“Just finished your novel’s volume one.  I’m not kidding!  I couldn’t put it down.  It’s fantastic!  Did more than keep my interest.” – Oct. 10, 2007, Australia.

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